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There is a total of 411 active warnings

Insult Rempart Caym Jul 11th 2009, 8:09pm Never
Spam Forum interne Maximuuus Jul 12th 2009, 10:29am Never
Disregarding of Rules Les records Dago Jul 15th 2009, 12:58am Never
Insult section suggestion Maximuuus Jul 17th 2009, 6:25pm Never
Spam NOUVEAU SUJET A FERMER Lilouse Jul 21st 2009, 10:15pm Never
Disregarding of Rules Version 0.1.18, demandes de certain joueur Seymour Jul 22nd 2009, 12:24am Never
Insult Version 0.1.17 Lilouse Jul 22nd 2009, 1:09am Never
Insult co-gestion de compte Maximuuus Seymour Sep 17th 2009, 1:48am Never
Insult minimap [Refusé] el-cow-boy Aug 5th 2009, 5:07pm Never
Posthunt F☼ndati☼n Gaia, TAG: Gaia . el-cow-boy Lyvnosf Aug 7th 2009, 10:28am Never
Spam Votre joueur préféré Dago Aug 11th 2009, 12:10am Never
Spam Jeu de réactivité Laenan Aug 12th 2009, 6:28pm Never
Spam Jeu de réactivité Laenan Aug 12th 2009, 6:28pm Never
Disregarding of Rules Ptite question Goliath Aug 12th 2009, 6:01pm Never
Disregarding of Rules La tecktonik Laenan Aug 12th 2009, 10:06pm Never
Spam Les poneys Laenan Aug 14th 2009, 1:12am Never
Disregarding of Rules Fin du Monde 2012 Seymour Aug 17th 2009, 11:25pm Never
Spam Version 0.1.18 Laenan Aug 18th 2009, 2:52pm Never
Insult Présentation de Nirka Yehadiel Seymour Aug 27th 2009, 7:04pm Never
Spam SHARK Dago Aug 27th 2009, 10:37pm Never